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Our partners are providing the best Infrastructure

BitsNGo is the first to introduce a true Enterprise CDN architecture that requires no custom  integration  and that has everything automated for you.

Our technology is designed to provide the ultimate user experience

Our  partners  are providing the best Infrastructure, networks and POP locations for our DNS, Monitoring and CDN Services.
We are focusing on developing advanced services, taking care of everything behind the scene and letting you focus on y our business .
As a result.

You get the best Cloud Services tailored to your needs

so you can focus on your business and challenges.
Network  Scale.
Peered with More than 5000 Networks Globally with a Capacity in excess of 20+ Tbps Total Egress over  Private Network s.
It includes almost every network on earth.
The more networks we peer with, the more your users get : the shortest route, the fastest path, the least errors and the best experience  Private network s mean a “private lane” to deliver your site, app, code or content with the highest QoS, bypassing all Internet congestion.
Our total egress is big.
We have theoretically an unlimited traffic capacity for you, anytime.
Performance   Availability .

The fundamentals of your performance: The largest Throughput Everywhere

the fastest Average Response Time and the Industry Record of Cache Hit Ratio.
The  performance  of your site or your content delivery are determined by many factors of the CDN network.
These network elements like, number of POPs, network physical footprint, how big and fast the pipes are (our fiber infrastructure) and the high efficiency software stack, are the  fundamentals  of our high speed and high availability network.
It’s not only that your users get the fastest answer from us, .

But also the fastest download time of the whole content (often referred to as Load Time)

Say you have a video: Do you care  about  how fast the first byte is sent or how sustainably the video is playing.
Or do you care more  about  how your content is downloaded and shown to your users.
Stop worrying about TTFB and start to look for fastest Load (or download) Time of your content or pages                                                                                                                                         Analytics  Insights.

Business and DevOps Insights like you have never seen
We are proud to be the first CDN on earth to introduce Groups

Simple & Genius.

Groups are a logical representation of your CDN assets in your Analytics panel

You can simply create groups that represent your business units, departments, customers, or anything else.

Then start getting your analytics stacked into these Groups


We are introducing new Analytics Features & Insights

which give our customers the power to make smart decisions.

Our customer portal is simple and user friendly

accessible via both PC or Mobile.

Email:  Tel: +972 (77) 440 7094


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