July 31, 2021


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Most of the information published on Durablehealth has been obtained through secondary sources which are believed to be reliable.

Durablehealth therefore does not assume any liability of the usefulness

accuracy, currency completeness, and adequacy of the information.
Further, the information on this website is intended to be general summary information only.

Durablehealth does not warrant the actions taken by visitors based on this information

The inclusion of examples, names, links and other references in the articles on the website is purely on the basis of their relevance to the information .
Moreover, the website also has links to various other websites .

Durablehealth cannot be held responsible for any information provided on these links

Durablehealth also provides health benefits and nutritional value of various foods and home remedies for the general awareness of the readers.
These home remedies, health benefits and nutritional values refer to the food items in general irrespective of their mode of production, unless mentioned specifically.
Durablehealth may recommend or promote  products or services from various organization s or manufactures or companies in various countries.
Durablehealth is not affiliated to any of these organizations or manufactures or companies and cannot be held responsible for the products and services provided by these stores.
The information we provide in regard to health, fitness and exercise, aging and longevity, beauty and skin care and nutrition is for the general awareness of the readers.
We only refer these topics  in general irrespective of their mode of production, unless mentioned specifically.
Information on this website is for informational purpose only and does not provide medical advice.
It is recommended that you consult a certified/qualified medical practitioner before trying any of the treatment solutions offered here.
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