October 26, 2021

About Us

About Us.
Dumadu is a leading cross platform mobile game development company, creating top-notch games in different platforms.
Who we are.
We are one of the fastest growing game development companies with head-quarters in Bangalore, INDIA.
We are vastly committed to developing visually appealing and technically advanced mobile games applications that appeal to all ages.
Since our inception in 2010, we have carved a niche in the gaming industry by our highly creative and expert approach to game design, artwork and development .
We have the expertise to develop highly functional gaming application s for diverse platforms including Android, Windows, iOS and Mac.
Other than that, we also possess the expertise to create stunning gaming applications for VR (Virtual Reality) Cardboard and TV Applications as well.
Our Objective.
“Our objective is to develop visually enticing, highly functional and beautiful graphics with engaging gameplay to create amazingly fun mobile game s for everyone!” Our Goal.
“Our goal is not just to diversify in the gaming scene but to be Flagship Company in this field.” Our Approach.
Our approach to games development is totally unique as we have a holistic method of arriving at requirements of game players.
Our team of expert game designers, artists & developers and analysts follow the current trends in the market and game players’ preferences .

Our team keep themselves updated with the latest in technologies and tools like Cocos 2D

Cocos 2DX, Unity, 3DS Max and Adobe Photoshop.
The analysis facilitates us to develop innovative apps and release updated versions of existing apps.
About Us.
About Us.

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