April 18, 2021

Upgrade Offers

Upgrade Offers.
Purchased Version New Purchase Discount SecureToken Token2Shell 30% Off Token2 Plus Token2Shell 10% Off mToken Token2Shell/Mobile 30% Off mToken Lite Token2Shell/Mobile 10% Off (Upgrade offers subject to change without notice.) Upgrade Procedure.
Step 1.
Send the following information to [email protected]
Number of purchased licenses.
Email address where you received your order confirmation email.
The order confirmation email you received for purchasing our product.
Step 2.
After confirming your previous order, we”ll send you a discount coupon code that you can use while placing your new order.
(If you are eligible for a free upgrade, we”ll provide a new software activation code or license key that you can apply to the new version.) Pricing / Buy Online.
License Activation.
Upgrade Offers.
Local Resellers.

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