September 27, 2021

Around the time that Xenoverse was released

A colleague of mine recently introduce d me and a group of others to the NEXT update of No Man’s Sky.
Having smoothly floated from teasing his early failures, advising the best next path, tracking needed materials and off-screen dangers to ultimately naming and providing a suitably operatic origin story for the little iguana-parrot shaped humanoid we lovingly came ….
In the past I’ve raged against some cable exclusives distinguished (even if on occasion rightly) for being “good” TV like  The Walking Dead  and Game of Thrones because they endorse a really anti-social understanding of human relationships.1 These texts discuss an “inevitable” and desperate microsociety in the context of the world’s end (in the case of the former), or the ….
“Don’t you know what the police are for, Stevie.
They are there so that them as have nothing shouldn’t take anything away from them who have.” (Joseph Conrad, The Secret Agent) This is the Police is a game of frustration.
Playing it isn’t frustrating; the rules are actually pretty straightforward and only slightly grow over the course ….

So I played Dragonball Xenoverse and it has given me some emotions I want to talk about

Around the time that Xenoverse was released, Austin Walker wrote an excellent piece of reflective criticism about Dragonball1 that I feel like I relate to.
If you’re pressed for time or attention I recommend you skip this article and just go read ….
[This piece was written as a part of Critical Distance ‘s June 2016 Blogs of the Round Table feature] Videogame fiction, like a lot of adventure fiction for young people, places the central character in the position of rescuing a loved one.
Often the loved one our hero must rescue is a damsel in distress with an implicit ….

RT @: Critical Compilation: Dishonored

RT @: Take time to listen to this short lecture by @

He does a strong job of contextualizing the current moment.
A primer on….
RT @: July in videogames vods: ugliness, play spaces, gatekeeping and religion.
Time to see a bad decision in action.
RT @: August 23rd – a new This Week in Videogame Blogging,Affect,Design,fighting games,Fun,Ghost of Tsushima,primers,relational….
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