November 30, 2020

When Buffer moved to self-management

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000 Food for Thought #1: Self-Management

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Our first edition!Leo Widrich (via Buffer ): What We Got Wrong About Self-Management

When Buffer moved to self-management, we assumed that meant a flat organization .
Now we’re embracing hierarchy.
Here’s what we’ve learned along the way.
We eventually started to discuss whether this is the right setup for us.
We concluded that it wasn’t, yet we were uncertain about how to move forward still.
We started to have this big knot in our brains.
We had talked so much about being self-managed, about transcending the traditional management paradigm, and yet now we were realizing that there was still hierarchy?Frankly, sitting with this question for some time was a great test, .

As it brought up many emotions around doubt in discussions between Joel and myself

I now believe that, for us, seeking a flat structure was a misperception of what self- management means.

Source: Buffer Author: Leo Widrich Continue reading Food for Thought #1: Self-Management

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