September 27, 2021

Use the full Protea™ DSP Suite—crossover

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Search for: Protēa™ SP-series dsp loudspeaker processors 2019-10-07T23:15:38+00:00 Protēa™ SP-series dsp loudspeaker processors.
With active front panel controls and extremely intuitive user interface, .

Protēa loudspeaker processors thrive in a dynamic live sound environment

The front panel is hands-on and allows quick access to all control parameters by offering dedicated function buttons, eliminating the need for hidden sub-menus.

A backlit 2 x 20-character LCD displays channel and function settings

Dedicated front panel controls access all audio functions and system tools.

There is a rear panel RS- 232 port in addition to the USB ports

Advantages of using the software include greater preset capacity, and a very intuitive visual representation of the audio routing and control process.
Model Inputs Outputs USB Inputs Protea™3.6 3 6 Front and rear Protea™ 4.8 4 8 Front and rear OVERVIEW.
Our Protea™ System Processors (SPs) with DSP deliver premium sonic performance with an intuitive and user-friendly software platform.
The 3.6SP (3-in x 6-out) and 4.8SP (4-in x 8-out) are a great choice for both live sound and use in fixed installations like worship facilities, schools and performance spaces.
Use the full Protea™ DSP Suite—crossover, equalization, compressor/limiter and delay—with up to 682ms on the input and the output, SPs serve as a front-end processor for delay stacks.
The three inputs on the 3.6SP give you added flexibility, particularly when most other processors only offer two inputs.
SPs have front panel controls for immediate access to the settings during a dynamic, live performance.
The front and rear panel USB ports allow you to program the processors via Ashly’s Protea™ Software—and set a password-secured security system to prevent unauthorized tampering.
■ Very intuitive, easy-to-use Front Panel Parameter Control ■ Single rack space with XLR audio connections ■ Crossover, EQ, delay and limiter functions ■ Inputs assignable to any output ■ Front panel or PC programming and control with 4 levels of security ■ USB and RS-232 interface; 6′ USB-A to USB-B cable included ■ Third-party control friendly ■ Balanced inputs and outputs ■ Parametric filters and comp/limiter controls feedback ■ Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel and Butterworth filters ■ 12, 18, 24 and 48dB/octave slopes ■ Parametric EQ: 1/64th to 4-octave range ■ 682ms input and output delay (1,364ms total) ■ Limiter on each output ■ Individual input and output metering ■ Safety/Compliance: CE,FCC, RoHS APPLICATIONS.

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