July 31, 2021

Setup For Success Implementation Guidance and Support

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Bigston Shoes.
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Bigston Shoes.
Location: Philadelphia, PA Warehousing and Distribution Customer Since: January 2015 What They Needed: 5 User AdvancePro Cloud hosted service.
Setup For Success Implementation Guidance and Support.
EDI integration.

Bigston shoes is a footwear sourcing agent

They represent some of the largest footwear providers in the world in speciality shoe brands.
They work with the brands in labelling and sourcing, and they also have their own lines of footwear as well.
They are responsible for the manufacturing of the shoes, and they are the direct distributors of their inventory.
“Our old software had some challenges.
The software we were using did not integrate with inventory or accounting. It was only an order entry data system, with no ability to track inventory.
In addition, we have a very complex system of how we work with our customers because we do so many different things from sourcing to designing, so all of our billing systems are supported differently.
We needed to find a system that could support each vain of the company.

Which was a huge challenge.” Nancy Law, GM

Bigston Shoes told AdvancePro.
“Between Norry (their account manager) and Israel (CEO), AdvancePro was the clear choice.”   -Nancy Law, GM, .

Bigston Shoes The AdvancePro Solution

The complexity of Bigston Shoes’ workflow meant it was difficult to find a solution to meet their needs.

They discussed this complexity with AdvancePro and we knew we could help

Bigston joined the Setup for Success program that gave additional workflow analysis and implementation support.
APT delivered on their promises and went over and above what Bigston expected out of the software.
“They did not waiver, they stood by us and managed to understand the complexity of the company and helped us achieve our inventory management needs.” “The team has been fantastic to work with.
As we hit any glitches, we are fixing them immediately and the APT team figures our how to address the issues and make it work.
I feel as though we are getting a custom program!” Though Bigston Shoes has only started to use AdvancePro, Nancy is confident that once it is fully integrated, the software will save them a tremendous amount of time.
“It will give us much better reporting that we’ve ever had, and much better intelligence in terms of our entire process, time frames, materials, inventory, everything.”.
“The team is really wonderful; they are why this software works for us!” APT is more than just an inventory management software.
“We also will rely on APT to build a sense of structure and allow our company to grow.” About AdvancePro More.
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