July 31, 2021

I only scratched the surface of what NEAF has to offer

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NEAF 2019.
April 9.

2019 2 Comments As usual

I only scratched the surface of what NEAF has to offer.
I attend the Northeast Astronomy Forum (NEAF) as an amateur astrophotography enthusiast looking to get an up close look at the latest and greatest gear, .

But NEAF is a lot more than just vendor and exhibitors booths

NEAF has been hosted by the Rockland Astronomy Club in Suffern

New York since 1991.
This event has featured some incredible speakers over the years including Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Phil Plait, David Levy and many more.

NEAF is the largest and most exciting space

science, and astronomy show in the United States.… Continue Reading » Astrophotography in Costa Rica (Carina Nebula).
March 6, 2019 16 Comments I’ve just returned from a vacation to Costa Rica with the goal of capturing some astro photography images from the resort.
Being so close to the equator, the night sky featured many new southern hemisphere deep-sky targets I had never seen before.
Aside from astro photography (including an impromptu Facebook Live stream from our balcony) my wife and I also enjoyed a private birding tour and some much-needed relaxation.

The average temperature from home in Canada was around -10 degrees Celsius

in Costa Rica, 33.
Despite the pleasant temperatures and an impressive number of clear nights d… Continue Reading » Astrophotography Gear Update.
February 16, 2019 10 Comments Despite the excitement of a moving into a new house under Bortle Class 6 skies, I’ve had a rough start to the new year in terms of astro photography .
The weather has not been friendly, from -30 C nights to consecutive weeks of precipitation and clouds.
However, this has given me some time to get my astro photography gear organized in the garage for my next imaging session.
My weather app shows that Saturday has a chance of clear skies for about 2 hours, and I’ll be ready.
In this post, .

I’ll provide an update as to the astrophotography gear I’ll be using next

My goal is that you find some… Continue Reading » Orion Image Gallery: Your Astrophotos.
March 7, 2017 3 Comments As we approach the Full Moon in March, we have to accept the fact that the stunning winter deep-sky astro photography objects have faded into the West for another year.
Galaxy Season is upon us, with new and exciting imaging opportunities for your camera and telescope.

Before I dive into some of the Spring deep-sky targets on my agenda

I’ve decided to honor the amazing images captured by fellow amateur astrophotographers from around the world over the winter.

I reached out to the AstroBackyard community on Facebook

asking everyone to share their images of Orion this winter.
I am h… Continue Reading » Page 1 of 5 2345→ Leave this field empty if you’re human: (31).
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