October 22, 2021

he was tinkering with the CC3000 Wi-Fi network processor


By | | | I found a tiny gem while browsing Github for MSP430 projects

This one is a GPS tracker based on a MSP430F5510 with a GPRS cellular connection for reporting and command input. The GPS is a FGPMMOPA6H from GlobalTop and the GPRS module is a SIM900 from Simcom.
by | | | This links to an old post from Kas’s embedded projects.
Back in 2014, he was tinkering with the CC3000 Wi-Fi network processor, but then moved on to the newly released CC3100 with much better support.

A Frescale MPL3115A2 provides temperature and pressure data

By | | | Inderpreet shares a simple RX/TX project using CCS on Github

using an MSP430 and a CC110L(a sub-1Ghz wireless transceiver) BoosterPack.
This is a simple project where I use MSP430G2553 Microcontrollers with the Anaren CC110L Booster Packs to make a simple wireless.
by | | | 1 comment Daniel details his MSP430 clock build using the Value Line series MSP430G2553 with analog gauges to display time.
He used a 32.768Khz watch crystal along with the on-chip watchdog timer to create a Real Time Clock, instead of adding a separate chip.
The ammeters are.

Connecting a SensorTag to the Losant IoT platform using NodeRed

by | Oct 31, 2016 | | 0 comments Losant is an IoT platform with drag-and-drop workflow engine and loads of data visualization tools.

The platform is free to use with the following limits – 5 Applications

10 workflows and infinite data with a two messages/second data rate.
Losant has put up a.

CapTIvate Multi-Touch With The MSP432

by | Aug 29, 2016 | | 1 comment Rei Vilo has put up a detailed project on Hackster.io on using TI’s new capacitive touch development kit.
The kit comes with a MSP430FR2633 microcontroller that is the primary interface to the capacitive buttons.

A CapTIvate Design Center GUI allows you to

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