April 18, 2021

Published Date: 6/17/2020Review: Amazing support

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Their customer service is quick and informative and their prices are extremely competitive.

Review: I have been using Nitrous Networks for hosting for two years now

They have always been very responsive and helpful.
Whether it be setting up a new server, clustering, or switching out games on an existing server, they have always provided top notch service.
I don”t see myself using any hosting service other than Nitrous.
Review: Probably the best host in the world.
I”ve used it for years and have only positive experience from good support to good pricing.
I really recommend the host as they go the extra mile for quality and good support.
Review: I”ve been using nitrous networks for over ten years.
And not once have they ever disappointed.
I”ve in the past curiously looked at other server hosts.
But non have come close to nitrous.
Seriously recommended.
The staff a really helpful too.
Whether you”re starting out new or know your way around, the ticket system and staff are on point.
Cheers guys.

Sharky Published Date: 7/27/2020Review: I”ve been using Nitrous Networks since 2015

Obviously i”ve deviated a little going around trying different hosts but in the end always come back.
That just says it all.
Review: I used nitrous networks for about 4 months, the service was great and the response time was pretty quick, i definitely recommend this to people starting up their servers.
Review: Great company, has been using them for around 2 years, first time for a small game server and now for web stuff.
Zero issues so far and support is always in there to help you out.

Published Date: 7/19/2020Review: Prices were cheap and fair

response time was awesome, Very helpful people.

Definitely recommend Nitrous Networks

Published Date: 6/29/2020Review: Prices for services are more than fair

definitely better than anywere else.
Also, their quality of service is the best I”ve ever dealt with.
Support responds quickly, and is familiar with solutions to problems.
which you would think is the bare minimum, but most customer support services that I”ve dealt with are robotic, slow, and incompetent.

Never a bad experience with Nitrous Networks

Review: Best Minecraft server hosting service I have ever used.
Tried using other hosts in the past but always end up with some sort of lag or reliability issues, even in the first few days of running, but have had none with Nitrous.
I requested a dedicated IP for my server and within minutes their support responded to my ticket and provided me with requested dedicated IP.
Amazing host and amazing support, I love it.
Review: I”ve worked with many hosting services in the past and my #1 go-to is Nitrous.
Their servers are the fastest, and most reliable on the market.
They have near-instant response times to all of my tickets.
Their pricing is very flexible, just ask and you will receive.
I recommend nitrous networks to anyone new, or experienced in server operating.
Review: As a new customer to this server host I was having trouble putting mods on without the site crashing.
Luckily the customer service at Nitrous helped me with fixing all the issues.
They were courteous and was patient with all my issues.
They went, in my opinion, above my expectations in getting the server working.
I feel as long as you are patient with them then they will solve your problems even if the issue is not easily fix.
They stick with it until it is solved.
I would HIGHLY recommend Nitrous to anyone!.
Published Date: 6/17/2020Review: Amazing support.
I cancelled my subscription wrong and ended up charged for an extra month, but in the end they refunded it to me and cancelled the server like I”d planned to.
Plan to use in the future again.
Review: Amazing support.
Always friendly and ready to help Published Date: 6/7/2020Review: If you need help they are here for you, They take the time for the problem you have and they continue to respond with solutions to fix it They respond very quickly.
That”s great.
Greetings, Glenn.

H Published Date: 6/5/2020Review: Excellent company to work with

Customer support is AWESOME.
Server works as promised.
I tell anyone looking for a server, look no further.

Nitrous Networks is the company for you!

Published Date: 6/1/2020Review: The staff and support responds as soon as possible and when they do respond, they are always helpful, I would recommend this to newbies if they have never rented a server before and needed help setting up a server.

Published Date: 5/28/2020Review: Great experience working with NitrousNetworks

They’ve given so much help to me and my server the time I’ve had it and their response time is unbelievably great and super happy to be using them.
10/10 service.
Published Date: 5/22/2020Review: Rented multiple servers from Nitrous Networks in the past, always helpful with their customer support and servers run smoothly.
Published Date: 5/18/2020Review: Host support is excellent and always willing to assist wherever they can.
It is a shame that they suffer attacks on their Teamspeak servers quite a lot but if you speak with them they can find solutions for you.
Will definitely buy more servers in the future.
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