March 4, 2021

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Physical Games.
Wet Blanket.

Overview Wet Blanket is our very first card game

Challenge your friends and family to a game where you try to break up a party so that everyone goes to your party instead.
The game starts off by placing two people cards per player in the center.
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Straight 4.
Easy to learn, deceptively strategic.
Simply try to get your four pieces in a row before your opponent.
Designed to be very small and portable, this is the perfect game when on the road.
Game play is very straightforward.

Each player takes turns placing a piece on board in an Read more… By

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Frog Chess.
Last Frog to Jump Wins.

Frog Chess is played with either two or three players

The object is to be the last frog to jump.
Players start by strategically placing their frogs on the board until all the spaces are filled with frogs.

Players then take turns jumping one another

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Has 55 cards and less than 10 rules to follow.
Fun and easy to play with friends.
Fast and fun gameplay make for fun game nights and good replayability.
Small and convienent to travel with.
Slamorama is a wrestling card game where you pit wrestling moves against your opponents and Read more… By , 1 year1 year ago.
Sewer Rat.
You’re smart, you’re resourceful, and at times you’re shrewed.
Your kind is the second most successful creature on this planet next to humans.
To some you’re a dinner item waiting to be grasped in hungry teeth and claws, to others you’re a vermin, a harborer of plagues, a pest to Read more… By , 1 year1 year ago.
Contents: 80 cards / 100 pebbles / Directions Number of players: 2-6 players Object of the game: To capture the most pebbles.  Starting: Cards are shuffled and each player draws three cards.
A card is drawn from the pile and placed in the middle face up.

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Trolls eat Moles.

‘Trolls eat Moles’ uses the ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ concept and made it into a board game

Three people play this game.
It is a game that requires strategy, diplomatic maneuvering, .

And luck.  Object of the game: To be the last of three players with pieces on the board

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Bullrings has a different approach and feel in the way that a game is played.
Your opponent places your six pieces on the board in any configuration they want.
Each piece is placed on a white dot.
Your task is to reunite your pieces into one stack.
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Nature’s Card Game: The magic of nature’s patterns can be written in the language of numbers.

The Phinacci game has taken that numbering pattern and made a card game out of it

How to Play: You have two teams, four players, 53 cards.

And 144 points needed to win the Read more… By

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War Cans.
Wars Cans is a multidimensional strategy game where your pieces move based on their composition.
Whoever is at the top of a stack controls the entire stack.
The game is over when only one player is able to move.

Each game is unique as the board layout is randomized and Read more… By

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